LTCSP Survey Resources: Surveyor Tools Updated (8/20)

By CMS - August 31, 2020


This ZIP file contains resources for surveyors conducting initial surveys under the Long-term Care Survey Process (LTCSP).


COVID-19 Focused Survey folder

Updated the following:

• CMS Memorandum QSO-20-38-NH Added a new requirement related to the testing of residents and staff for COVID-19 (F886) and provides surveyor guidance.

• COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes

Added two critical elements (CE)- #10 CE Infection Preventionist (IP) and #11 Staff and Resident Testing.

Added instructions for selecting a sample of residents and staff. Provided updates based on CMS’ Nursing Home Reopening Guidance (QSO-20-30-NH) and CDC recommendations.

• COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol Revised to incorporate changes related to the nursing home testing requirements.

• Entrance Conference Worksheet Revised to include documentation related to the nursing home testing requirements.

• Mapping document Added the following tags: F847, F848, F882, F884, F885, F886 • F-Tag Job Aid- Added tags F882 and F886.