jRAVEN 1.7.1 Free MDS Submission Software Updated (10/19)

By CMS - October 07, 2019

jRAVEN (version 1.7.1) is now available for download which contains the following updates:  

  1. The Final PDPM Grouper, version 1.0003

2)         All enhancements included with jRAVEN v1.7.0:

3)            MDS Item Set Version V1.17

4)            MDS Data Specification Version V3.00

5)            VUT Version V3.1.0

6)            The initial PDPM Grouper (replaced with the new version, v1.0003)

7)            Supports the Correction Policy update to not allow corrections if it causes the target date to cross over the 10/1/2019 date

8)            Supports the updated submission timeframe change from 3 years to 2 years