IMPACT Act QM Development: Transfer of Medication Profile TEP Report (7/18)

By CMS - July 09, 2018

TEP Summary Report Available: Development of Quality Measures for the Transfer of Health Information and Care Preferences Domain - Transfer of Medication Profile

The technical expert panel (TEP) Meeting 4 summary report for the Development of Measures under the Transfer of Health Information and Care Preferences domain is now available. This report summarizes proceedings from a follow-up cross-setting TEP meeting, which included in-depth discussion and input on the following topics:

·         Revisions to the measure concept and measure specifications since the TEP last met

·         The draft cross-setting Transfer of Medication Profile measures for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Long-Term Care Hospitals, and Home Health Agencies

·         The items used to calculate the quality measure

·         Importance and feasibility of Information to be included in the medication profile to meet the measure criteria

·         Items collecting routes of transfer of the medication profile