CMS Proposed Rule Would Revise Medicare/Medicaid Requirements for Participation, Including Some Phase 3 Delays (7/19)

By CMS - July 16, 2019

Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities: Regulatory Provisions to Promote Efficiency, and Transparency

AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS. ACTION: Proposed rule.

Areas of Major Provisions:

a. Requirements for Participation

Resident Rights (§483.10)

Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Rights (§483.15)

Nursing Services (§483.35)

Behavioral Health (§483.40)

Pharmacy Services (§483.45)

Food and Nutrition Services (§483.60)

Administration (§483.70)

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (§483.75)

Infection Control (§483.80)

Compliance and Ethics Program (§483.85)

Physical Environment (§483.90)

Technical Corrections

b. Survey, Certification, and Enforcement Procedures

Informal Dispute Resolution and Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (§488.331 and §488.431)

Civil Money Penalties: Waiver of Hearing, Reduction of Penalty Amount (§488.436)

Phase 3 Implementation of Overlapping Regulatory Provisions