CMS Online Immediate Jeopardy Update Training (3/19)

By CMS - March 08, 2019

The Immediate Jeopardy Update Training introduces surveyors and non-surveyors to the revised Appendix Q–Core Guidelines to Determining Immediate Jeopardy. The Core Appendix Q focuses on the key components necessary to establish immediate jeopardy (IJ) under the regulations. 

These key components are:

  • Noncompliance.
  • Serious harm, injury, impairment, or death that has occurred or is likely to occur. 
  • Immediate need for action by the provider/supplier to address the noncompliance.

The Core Appendix Q also contains information about how surveyors should determine whether IJ exists, and it includes a template that surveyors must use to ensure that sufficient evidence exists for each key component of IJ.