The NAC’s New Role and Importance Under RCS-I

With some facility management mistakenly seeing the RCS-I transition as an opportunity to reduce MDS staff rather than improving MDS accuracy, quality outcomes, and case management, it’s not surprising that NACs are worried about their future job security in LTC. 

Luckily, AANAC is here to empower you and guide you through the transition to RCS-I with tools and resources that will help you:

  • Explain to your facility management the value of the RAI process and the importance of the NAC role in the new system
  • Demonstrate your expertise in the assessment processes driving payment under the new model
  • Understand the new responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities available to NACs under RCS-I

Each month, AANAC will provide updates, resources, and tools to help you continue to be a key member of your facility’s nursing team and leader of RCS-I in your facility. Bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.

Available RCS-I Resources

RCS-I Resources Coming Soon

  • RCS-I Case-Mix Group worksheet – FREE for members – Get hands-on experience walking through rate calculations within the RCS-I payment models.

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