2019 Nurse Assessment Coordinator of the Year

Susan K. Packer, BSN, RN, RAC-CT Susan is the nurse assessment coordinator for the Susqueview Home in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. She was nominated by Melanie Stania who wrote: “Sue is the biggest resident advocate that I know. Every care plan that she does, and every care conference she is involved in, is centered around the residents. Many of our residents know her by name, and come to her for all kinds of issues. She does it with a smile. Sue is one of the most dedicated employees that this facility has. She builds up all the employees to make them a better part of the interdisciplinary team, to make them better at their jobs and better caregivers.”

2019 Outstanding Contributors of the Year

This award recognizes an individual/s who over the years has worked alongside AANAC and AADNS to make significant contributions to the success of the organizations, members, and the nursing profession.

Barbara BatesBarbara Bates, BSN, MSN, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-MT, QCP-MT Barb is known for her passion and expertise in person-centered care planning. As a former DNS-EAP chair, and a current DNS-CT and QCP Master Teacher, Barb imparts amazing knowledge and experience to members. Because of Barb’s humor, laughter and expertise, it is a pleasure to work with Barb on any project we endeavor to create.

Linda Winston, MSN, RN, BS, QCP-MT, DNS-MT, RAC-CT Linda serves as the chair of the DNS-EAP, reviews educational content, and teaches both the DNS-CT and the QCP workshops. As an excellent writer, speaker, and education provider, Linda does an amazing job of supporting up-and-coming nurses in the field of LTC.

2019 Rena R. Shephard Professional Development Grant

Courtney PawlowskiCourtney Pawlowski, BSN, BSN, RN Courtney is a nurse assessment coordinator for St. John's Lutheran Ministries in Billings, MT. In her application, Courtney wrote: “It is apparent that changes in the upcoming year will not only impact my role as an MDS Coordinator, but also will impact the IDT and the residents we care for. It is a blessing to work for an organization where we strive every day to ‘provide living opportunities within nurturing environments of hope, dignity, and love’ for residents, families, co-workers, and the community. I am hungry to learn more about how I can better enhance the quality of care provided to our residents.”

2019 Founder’s Professional Development Grant

Lori HandLori Hand, BSN, BSN, RN, RAC-CT Lori is the clinical coordinator for First Care Living Center/Essentia Health Fosston in Fosston, Minnesota. In her application, Lori wrote: “I am very dedicated to the elderly and long-term care. In my 23 years with my employer, I have only missed a handful of shifts, and I seek opportunities to better myself, which in turn improves the lives of those I care for. Being responsible for training new MDS nurses, I feel this grant would have a significant impact on our facility’s MDS process. Learning from the nationally recognized experts is quite an honor. The information learned at the conference would be brought back and shared with other staff. After all, it does no good to have knowledge if it is not shared with other people.”

2018 Carter-Elmblad Family Scholarship

Gina Faye Stevens, BSN, RN, RAC-CT Gina is an MDS coordinator and has worked in the long-term care field for 11 years. Her responsibilities include working as a member of the facility management, as well as timely scheduling and completion of MDSs, care plans, and coordination of care. When she’s not working, she’s in progress on earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Health Systems Leadership from Shenandoah University, specifically focusing on long-term care and sustainable interventions to help improve the quality of care and life for geriatric residents. In earning this degree, she hopes to gain the knowledge and skillset to better serve the community and facility. Gina is a true believer in the Eden Alternative care model and strives to interact with her peers and residents as if they were her family. As a member of the leadership team, Gina says, “I strive to lead as a servant leader. My mindset remains as, “What can I do for you, to help make your experience here today better?”

Previous Award Recipients (1999 – 2018)

Nurse Assessment Coordinator of the Year 

Sarah Motta, BSN, RN, RAC-CT
Aida Alvarez-Gruter, RN, RAC-CT
Deborah Kriegh, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-CT, WCC, CHPN, GRN
Lori Martin, LPN, RAC-CT
Tracy Holder, LPN, RAC-CT  
Virginia Hopkins, RN, BSN  
Sandra Reed-Bryant, RN, MSN, RAC-CT  
Jane Barbour, LPN, RAC-CT
Heather Hirons, RN 
Sheryl Nelson, BSN, RAC-CT  
Katherine Sanders, RN, DNS-CT, RAC-CT  
Linda Chetley, RN, RAC-CT   
Wendy Brown, RN   
Jill Knight, BSN, RN
Holly Sox, RN  
Debbie Frias, LPN, RAC-CT  

Outstanding AANAC Contributor of the Year

Robin Hillier, CPA, STNA, LNHA, RAC-MT
Andrea Otis-Higgins, MBA, RN, CDONA, RAC-MT
Sandy Biggi, RN, BSN, SNT, RAC-MT, DNS-MT
Judy Wilhide Brandt, RN, RAC-MT, DNS-CT
Jennifer LaBay, RN, RAC-MT
Jennifer Pettis, RN, WCC, DNS-CT, RAC-CT
Rebecca LaBarge, RN, RAC-CT
Carol Job, RN, RAC-CT
Caralyn Davis
Carol Maher, RN-BC, RAC-CT
Ron Orth, RN, NHA, CPC
Judy Bagby, RN, LNHA, DNS-CT, RAC-CT
Darla K Watson, RN
Renay Smith
Roberta Reed, RN, MSN, LNHA, DNS-CT, RAC-CT
Chyris Glass, RN 

Best Practice of the Year

Turlock Nursing and Rehabilitation
Friendship Retirement Community
Ebenezer Ridges Campus
Pleasant View Home
Karen Scaturo, RN, RAC-CT 

Cerner Nursing Assistant of the Year

Caitlin Atkinson, CNA
Amber Jasper
Amanda Jones
Terri Morris
Kendra Cooper 

Rena. R. Shephard Professional Development Grant

Ginnette Wise, PhD, RN
Nancy Turner, RN, RAC-CT
Ann Brunzell, RN, RAC-CT
Priscilla "Penny" Gamblin, LPN 
Lori Hand, RN, RAC-CT
Donna Browne-Atkins, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-CT

Founder's Professional Development Grant

Christy Steward, RN, DNS-CT
Tracey Robinson, LPN, RAC-CT
Donna Browne-Atkins, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-CT
Christine Weisman, RN-RAC-CT
Stacy Grondel, RN, BSN, RAC-CT
Lisa Delano, RN, RAC-CT

President's Professional Development Grant

Stacy Willard, RN
Angelika Dobkin, MPH, BSN, RN
Carol Stocker, LVN
Dawn Grathoff, RN
Chris Maddox, LPN, RAC-CT
Martha Eagar, LPN, RAC-CT