About AANAC Membership

More than 15,000 nurses and healthcare clinicians from the long-term care community comprise AANAC, representing the full spectrum of the profession. Together, AANAC members enhance the body of knowledge surrounding long-term care nursing, share and exchange information, and elevate the profession. As the trusted provider of MDS information since 1999, AANAC members have the tools and information needed to perform their jobs successfully and accurately, thereby providing better care to residents. With 24/7 access to our web resources and tools, regular email communications, and a peer-to-peer community, members are never out of touch from their professional association of choice.

Membership Levels

  • One year membership - Full membership benefits for one year 
  • Two year membership - Full membership benefits for two years at a discounted price, and the best option if you’re planning to join and take a certification program 
  • Organizational Membership - Membership paid through employers' partnerships with AANAC 
  • Student Membership - Membership at a discounted rate for full-time students 
  • Retired Membership - Membership for retiring current members who wish to stay involved and in touch with the long-term care field

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"AANAC is an invaluable resource and one I would not be without!!! In these times of cost cutting and our facilities' financial constraints my administrator did not hesitate to pay my membership renewal."

Norma LaPoint, RN