Stop Look Listen

STOP LOOK LISTEN: Educational In-Service Kit by Avanir

Caring for residents with disruptive behavior

STOP LOOK LISTEN is an educational program developed by Avanir Pharmaceuticals--with input from long-term care professionals--to assist you and your colleagues in recognizing and taking the appropriate action when you see someone who is exhibiting disruptive behavior, which may be triggered by underlying neurologic conditions. More than half of long-term care residents have some form of dementia or other neurologic condition, so the more you know about what to look for and how to handle it, the better.

Your free kit includes:

  • An educational brochure outlining simple steps to consider when assisting a resident who is exhibiting disruptive behavior
  • Pocket-sized reminder cards for staff to carry with them for quick reference
  • A poster that will remind all staff members of the suggested actions to take with someone exhibiting disruptive behavior
  • A USB drive with a STOP LOOK LISTEN screensaver to serve as a constant reminder, as well as downloadable files of each piece to enable you to print additional copies
  • An Implementation Guide in PowerPoint to use with office staff that provides additional background information on disruptive behavior and how the STOP LOOK LISTEN campaign can help staff members assist residents who may exhibit this behavior
For more information about the STOP LOOK LISTEN program, or to obtain a kit for your facility, please visit the STOP LOOK LISTEN website, or call 855.572.2722.