AANAC Reprint Permission Policy and Procedure

Because the value of an AANAC membership extends beyond articles and resources, we recommend that you encourage all members of your IDT to consider joining AANAC; however, we understand that from time to time you may need to share only one resource with others on your team or in your facility.

Reprint Guidelines

AANAC grants reprint permission on a case-by-case basis within the following guidelines:

  • The material cannot be altered in any way, including the removal of the copyright or logo or the addition of another logo or branding identification.
  • The material cannot be sold or included in any product or publication for sale or profit.
  • The material may only be reproduced and distributed to staff within your facility or corporation.
  • Reprint permission is not transferable to another individual or organization.

Permission Request Instructions

  • If you are an AANAC member wishing to print one copy of a resource for your own use, you do not need to submit this form. 
  • If you are an AANAC member,  be sure to use the email associated with your AANAC membership
  • To request permission to provide a resource to others in your facility, please complete the form below. 
  • Upon submission, your request will be reviewed by AANAC. You will be notified within two business days of the status of your request. 

Please note, you may only request one resource per form.

For additional questions, please contact Permissions.