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There’s a reason AANAC is known as “the MDS people.” For the last 19 years, we’ve helped thousands of nurses and long-term care professionals build their confidence and skills in resident assessment and the RAI process, resulting in better resident care and more accurate reimbursement.

If you're new to the MDS, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you. Start by reviewing these seven items. Together, these items will provide you with a solid foundation of understanding about the MDS and RAI process.

  1. MDS Essentials - 10-session virtual workshop
  2. Welcome to the World of MDS 3.0 - free 5-minute video
  3. RAI User’s Manual
  4. Sample - MDS Form with explanation (Comprehensive Item Set)
  5. Tool - key acronyms for the MDS 3.0 
  6. QM Manual v. 11
  7. Five-Star Manual
Still have questions? AANAC members are always eager to help and to share their experience and knowledge of the MDS. Post your questions to the New to MDS community on AANAConnect.

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