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The Role the MDS and Care Planning Play in Reducing the Risk of Legal Action

By AANAC - July 21, 2020

During the first day of the AAPACN Virtual Conference, Gina D'Angelo, BSN, MBA, RN, NHA, CLNC, DNS-CT, RAC-CT, clinical consultant, legal nurse consultant, testifying expert, and president of GD Solutions, LLC, presented “Avoid the Slippery (Legal) Slope of Improper Care Planning.” In this informative session, she discussed the serious potential issues neglect can pose for nursing homes, how care planning is at the center of those issues, and how failing to address the issues can lead to litigation.

D’Angelo also provided an in-depth look at the steps involved in the process of an investigation—from where things can go wrong in care planning and charting and other breaches of care, to types of lawsuits, elements to proving a case, and how you can create an action plan to avoid the common pitfalls. Here are a few highlights for nurse assessment coordinators (NACs) to consider and incorporate now to avoid legal action due to mistakes in the care planning process.