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Q&A: A resident discharged to the hospital in the middle of the look-back period for the Quarterly assessment. Do I need to move the ARD?

By Jane Belt, MS, RN, RAC-MT, QCP - June 06, 2018

Question:  I scheduled the Quarterly ARD for Monday, however the Friday prior, the resident had an acute problem and was admitted to the hospital and has not yet returned. This would mean she would only have been in the facility for half of the look-back period and obviously I am not able to assess someone who isn’t here. What is the most appropriate course of action? Should I move the ARD back a couple days to when she was still here or do I wait until she returns?

Answer: You are right: You cannot assess a resident who is not there. When the resident returns, you will need to complete the assessment within 14 days after re-entry (page 2-19). At that time, remember to double-check whether the resident needs a Quarterly assessment or a Significant Change in Status Assessment (SCSA). I would also put a note in the medical record and the Validation Report that the OBRA assessment was delayed due to the resident's hospitalization. This way, if you get a warning that an assessment is late, you have a quick, easy-to-find reference.

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