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Q&A: A resident admitted with two pressure ulcers that have since merged together. Should we still consider as present on admission?

By Carol Maher, RN-BC, CPC, RAC-MT - October 29, 2018

Question: A resident admitted with two pressures ulcers, one stage 3 and one stage 2. On our last wound rounds, the pressure ulcers had merged together. Since merging, we now have one stage 3 pressure ulcer. Since one of the pressure ulcers was previously a stage 2, is this wound considered worsened under our care and now in-house acquired?


Answer: No, it makes two ulcers into one ulcer.  The ulcer would be coded as one stage 3 ulcer. If the stage 3 ulcer has been present on admission, the ulcer would continue to be present on admission.  The stage 2 ulcer is no longer present.

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