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New Section GG Items Coming Soon

By Mark McDavid, PT - July 23, 2018

With the CMS QRP training just around the corner, it’s important to be familiar with the draft items being added to the MDS.  Section GG is being updated for FY 2019, taking effect October 1, 2018, to include over 20 new items and a new Activity Did Not Occur code. In addition, four new Quality Reporting Program (QRP) outcome measures will be introduced this October that will use this data. However, before skilled nursing facility (SNF) leaders can focus on the new outcome measures, they must develop a strong process for completing the functional assessment for section GG. Here is what you need to know about these changes from a therapy perspective.[1]

[1] The section GG discussion in this article is based on draft language for FY 2019 that is subject to change. We expect to see finalized language when the new RAI User’s Manual is published in August or September of this year.