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August Challenge Question

By AANAC - August 13, 2018

Question: A resident was admitted on Medicare Part A on July 15, 2018.  The Admission assessment combined with the PPS 5-day had an ARD of 7/22/18 and was completed and submitted 7 days later.  On 7/28/18, the resident experienced a change in condition and hospice was elected the same day. Five days later, on 8/2/18, the resident’s condition improved and the family and resident revoked hospice and skilled Medicare services were restarted. 

1. Is a beneficiary notice required for 7/28/18 when Medicare Part A ended and Hospice services started? If so, what notice(s) are required?

2.  Is a Significant Change in Status Assessment (SCSA) required?

3.  What assessment, if any, is required following Hospice revocation on 8/2/18?