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3 Simple Ways Nurse Assessment Coordinators (NACs) Can Help Support Staff Retention

By Jessica Kunkler, MA, Staff Writer - February 19, 2020

Staff turnover is everyone’s problem, and in facilities across the United States, it’s a big one. One in four  nursing assistants and one in five home health aides report that they are actively looking for another job, according to the Recruitment and Retention Guide For Employers by PHI.

Not only is turnover expensive, it negatively impacts residents. High turnover can result in less personalized care, an increased risk of infectious diseases among residents, and lowered quality of life and care.

It also makes everyone’s job harder. As every NAC knows, a rotating door of floor nurses, CNAs, and other NACs means constant trainings on the same processes and repetitive reminders about how things are done correctly as newbies get up to speed.  

Here are three ways that the NAC can support staff retention and make everyone’s time in their long-term care facility better.