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Long-Term Care and the MDS

View these videos for short introductions to various MDS topics presented by AANAC nurse experts.

The Life of an ICD-10 Code - 10:39


The MDS Assessment Process - 4:13


Conducting MDS Interviews - 4:40

The Value of the MDS - 2:45



Section GG Part 1 Scheduling - 13:59


Section GG Part 2 Definitions - 21:19


Section GG Part 3 Practice - 17:09

Why LTC? Cheryl's Story - 2:40


Why LTC? Jessie's Story - 1:49


Why LTC? Jane's Story - 3:48

AANAC Annual Conference Ignite Sessions

Presented by AANAC members and staff, these five minute presentations are recorded each year at the AANAC Annual Conference.









Member Voices

Find out what AANAC members have to say about their profession, their association, the value of certification, and AANAC's Awards, Grants, and Scholarships.