The American Nurse Project – Raising the Volume of Your Voice

By AANAC Staff - June 24, 2014

The American Nurse Project – Raising the Volume of Your Voice

If you haven’t heard of The American Nurse Project, then you must check out this amazing and inspirational endeavor right now. With proceedings going to support nursing scholarships, the project includes a book, feature-length documentary, and ongoing series of interviews with working nurses all aimed at elevating the voice of nurses in this country.

The documentary, which premiered in May, features five “fearless nurses (who) serve on the frontlines of healthcare, navigating their patients through birth, death, prison, war and harsh poverty.” Included in the film is Sister Stephen, Director of Nursing at the Villa Loretto Nursing Home in rural Wisconsin.

You can see short interviews with Sister Stephen as well as other nurses from Villa Loretto in the Interviews section of the American Nurse Project website. My favorite is with Sandra Randall, also of Villa Loretto. “Nursing is the most trusted profession,” Sandra explains. “Be proud of that!”

We’ll be taking next week off. I hope you have a happy 4th of July!

Deborah has 10 years of experience in healthcare association management and is a regular contributor to this blog.

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