Social Media as a Learning Tool for NACs During Events and Trainings

By AANAC - September 07, 2018

Social Media as a Learning Tool for NACs During Events and Trainings

Social media isn’t just for posting memes and your beautiful family pictures to share with your friends and family. It can also be a great learning tool!

As a nurse assessment coordinator (NAC), you can help others in the long-term care field learn and stay up-to-date with trends and best practices by sharing information and takeaways, and asking questions on social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – during events such as:

  • Live public trainings/webinars

  • CMS Open-Door Forums

  • Conference sessions

As a great example of how sharing information on social media can help you and your fellow peers, take a look at these highlights that AANAC’s vice president of curriculum development, Judi Kulus, live tweeted during the CMS SNF QRP Follow-Up Webinar on Section N last week. She posted exceptional insights and questions from the training, which can be reviewed and utilized by NACs who were unable to attend the webinar to better understand CMS’s expectations and requirements coming in October 2018.

MDS Social Groups

Within the various social media platforms, there are groups you can join and share important content with a relevant audience of your LTC peers. You can join groups that are MDS-specific or start your own group. Here are two groups we recommend joining:

  • AANAConnect – When you join AANAC, all members gain access to the exclusive online member community message board, AANAConnect. This group contains 15,000+ MDS and LTC professionals who would love to read your insights. There are also experts in the field in the group who are available to answer your tough questions, too! 

o   Do you have a lot of questions on a specific topic? Start your own community board within AANAConnect to discuss that topic thoroughly and look back on it often for new updates from other members. You can even invite other members to join!

  • AANAC – MDS/RAI Professionals – This group is available on LinkedIn to members and non-members of AANAC, as well as other healthcare professionals. All are welcome to join this group to network, share ideas, and discover valuable long-term care resources.

Important Note: Be Careful What You Share

Although it’s so helpful to share information on social media with others, you also don’t want to get into trouble for sharing copyrighted material or for saying something negative. That’s why we emphasize to share your personal takeaways and the information you learned in your own words, with the goal in mind to help other nurses navigate the changes happening in the field and to make a positive impact by sharing your insights. Stay away from venting on social media and before you take a photo, screenshot content, or share a document, make sure you have permission share it.


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