15 Not-So-Scary Truths for Nurse Assessment Coordinators

By AANAC - October 24, 2018

15 Not-So-Scary Truths for Nurse Assessment Coordinators
  1. One thing that will never get a BOO! – an accurate MDS

  2. Something that should never get spider webs – RAI User’s Manual

  3. The best decorations for your credentials that you can hang two years in a row without any extra work – RAC-CT

  4. The sweetest treat – a resident’s smile

  5. The best things to put in your MDS cauldron – AANAC’s tools, webinars, and articles

  6. Where’s the party at? – AANAConnect, 15,000 LTC nurses and growing

  7. Facility reimbursement may seem like magic, but it’s really – knowledge and assessment skills

  8. Survey won’t come back to haunt you if you have – a plan

  9. When you’re carving out a career path – look for a mentor, boost your knowledge with education, and look on AANACareer for the best jobs in LTC

  10. Sometimes regulations go to the graveyard – and that’s a good thing!

  11. Getting lost in a corn field of quality measures isn’t fun – You need a guide!

  12. Words that are more powerful than a spell – “Thank you. I appreciate you!”

  13. Hidden candy you may not know about – Member Discount Programs

  14. Some residents like chocolate, others like gummies – that’s honoring resident preference

  15. Why win best costume, when you could win – NAC of the Year?

Bonus: Not all superheroes wear capes and run around with a pillowcase on Halloween – some wear scrubs and run around with a stethoscope, BIMS interview forms, and a clipboard!


AANAC has lots of treats coming in early November for our members! Keep your eyes peeled on your email and our social media channels for updates!

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