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Ensure Accurate Coding Under PDPM

Under the PDPM, ICD-10 codes will form the basis of reimbursements, making it crucial for SNFs to code accurately. Help your team prepare with the only ICD-10-CM certificate program developed specifically for SNF interdisciplinary team members. In just four 90-minute virtual workshop sessions, your team will gain the know-how to determine and identify the most appropriate ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes for accurate reimbursement. Get the ICD-10 training your team needs so that your facility continues to thrive under PDPM.

Following this virtual workshops, participants will be able to:

Module 1 

  • Define the correct process for determining the ICD-10-CM code from the physician’s documented diagnoses 
  • State which practitioners can diagnose 
  • Explain the process for identifying the “main term” for diagnoses to assist clinicians to locate the basic code in the Alphabetic Index Describe the difference between “Excludes 1” and “Excludes 2” notes   

Module 2

  • State the importance of chapter specific guidelines 
  • Identify the ICD-10-CM code for a cancer diagnosis using the Neoplasm table
  • Explain how combination codes are appended for residents who have a specific type of diabetes “with” multiple conditions 
  • Report the seventh characters assigned to designate the stages of glaucoma   
Module 3
  • Identify the ICD-10-CM code for a pathological fracture related to osteoporosis 
  • Name one chapter-specific guideline that has a major impact on coding traumatic fractures that have been surgically repaired with a joint replacement  
  • Explain steps required to determine a principal diagnosis 

Module 4

  • Describe how ICD-10-CM codes will impact the therapy and non-therapy ancillary components in PDPM
  • State the MDS item where the facility will document the ICD-10-CM code for the primary diagnosis
  • List at least four documents to review to determine diagnoses for your new SNF resident

  • Get your team started today.