New AANAC Members

AANAC represents more than 15,000 members from across the country, and with the growing long-term care landscape, we welcome new members to the association each day.

Take a moment to say hello!

Connect with new members by searching for them in your AANAC Member Directory. Once you have found a peer you'd like to get in touch with, send them a contact request and/or message. An introduction can go a long way - it will help them to have an instant friend and resource, and the connection will likely prove helpful to you, too.

Agosta, AllisonNJ
Akindele, CarrieOH
Amiott, ChristineKY
Arneson, KarenMN
Baca Fennell, ChristyTX
Bartholomew, AndreaMO
Batchelder-Leemhuis, Michelle L.MI
Belmonte, CherrilynIL
berry, JuanaKS
Blakeney, TequishaFL
Blessing, AmandaUT
Bombard, KarenNY
Bonniwell, Jessica E.VA
Bryant, Sadie C.MO
Burton, SummerKS
Caffrey, AllisonKS
Casal, Evelyn B.FL
Chan DeStafney, CourtneyAE
Chandler-Brown, DeliteWY
Collier, LauraWA
Cook, TiffanyWV
Cox, Josh D.OH
Craig, KimberelyIN
Curry, KathyKS
Darling, JillTX
Davis, MonicaWY
Day, TammieOH
Delgehausen, SandraMN
Domeyer, StacySD