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We’d like to give special recognition and say “thank you” to those that volunteer with AANAC. We are grateful for your contributions and commitment to the association.

NAC Expert Advisory Panel

This panel ensures AANAC's RAI and MDS 3.0 materials are routinely reviewed to reflect current thinking in nursing practice and government regulation.

  • Carol Maher - Chair
  • Maureen McCarthy - Vice Chair
  • Kristie Bacher
  • Elizabeth Barlow
  • Stacy Grondel
  • Scott Heichel
  • Robin Hillier
  • Jennifer LaBay 
  • Karin Sherman
  • Brenda Sowash

Editorial Advisory Board

This board reviews LTC Leader articles and FAQ content. They represent the best and brightest minds in LTC and we thank them. 

  • Judy Wilhide Brandt
  • Kristin Breese
  • Scott Heichel
  • Jennifer LaBay 
  • Carol Maher

2019-2020 Awards Committee

This committee selects recipients for the 2020 AAPACN Awards to identify and recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to the long-term care profession. 

  • Beth Florczak, Committee Chair
  • Romina Agoncillo
  • Kristie Bacher
  • Barbara Baylis
  • Alisha Cortez
  • Faith Coulborne-Scott
  • Maria Danao
  • Mary Ellen Dellefield
  • Megan Emmerich
  • Lisa Flottman
  • Jeanne Gerstenkorn
  • Holly Janca
  • Glenda Nelson
  • Sherri Robbins
  • Tracey Robinson
  • Catherine Rodgers
  • Tonya Scheller
  • Jennifer Scully
  • Michelle Stuercke

Conference Session Selection Task Force

This task force assists AANAC staff in preparing for the AANAC Annual Conference by determining appropriate, relevant, and necessary content through the evaluation and rating of conference sessions. 

  • Sara Droessler
  • Lisa Flottman
  • Debbie Kriegh
  • Mary Madison
  • Natashia Mason
  • Deb Myhre
  • Sarah Riggin
  • Catherine Rodgers
  • Karla Wishon

Thank you to our AANAConnect community groups for their time and dedication

These groups are open to any member if you'd like to participate. It's a fun and easy way to get involved with AANAC.