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What can you talk about?

  • AANAC Membership. We talk a lot about membership benefits. What do they mean to you? Is there one that you couldn't imaging losing? Why?
  • Certification and Education. How have AANAC programs helped you to improve resident care, generate more accurate reimbursement, or improve facility-wide quality?
  • AANAConnect. How have you used AANAConnect (often cited as our greatest member benefit) to solve a problem or find an answer? How were you helped by one of our expert moderators?
  • LTC Leader. About every two weeks we update you with the most current LTC news and expert-developed content available through our e-newsletter. How do you use the Leader? What content is your favorite?
  • Annual Conference. Were you re-energized about your career after attending the annual conference? Share your experience on attending.

What can we improve?

We invite you to share any of your thoughts on how AANAC could be better at serving you and all long-term care professionals. Your opinion matters and could help to shape and enhance the experience for other members. We want you to be satisfied with us, your professional association of choice, so if there is something we need to fix, we appreciate your honest feedback.