Verify Your Group's Memberships

Members get the best price for conference, as well as the best access to professional resources, informational webinars, and a whole list of other benefits year-round. Verify that everyone you're registering for conference is a member and is getting the best rates available.

  • Enter last name, first name, or email.
    • You do not need to fill in every field to start a search.
    • Search text does not have to match exactly what is on an individual's record.
  • ​Click Search.
  • The list of results will show you the name, email, and state of the individual you searched for so you can make sure you identified the correct individual.

Is someone you searched for not a current member? Have them visit their My Membership page to renew their past membership.

Can't find someone you searched for? Ask them to create an account and visit the Join page to begin their new membership application.

Other questions? Contact us ( or 800.768.1880) for assistance.

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