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Resident Assessment Coordinator–Certified Program

RAC-CT™ certification is the nationally recognized gold-standard in resident assessment in the long-term care nursing profession. By earning it, individuals have shown their expertise in skilled nursing facility prospective payment system and minimum data set (MDS 3.0) assessment. 

Ready to certify your MDS 3.0 knowledge?

The Resident Assessment Coordinator—Certified (RAC-CT) education and certification program has long set the national standard for skilled nursing facility PPS and MDS 3.0 education. Constantly reviewed and updated by a team of experts, the RAC-CT program ensures your knowledge of clinical assessment and care planning, completion of the MDS, and the regulatory body surrounding the RAI/MDS process. 

  • Navigate tough coding dilemmas with the most current coding and regulatory knowledge 
  • Recover reimbursement and avoid overpayment by knowing where to find important MDS data 
  • Proactively solve quality pitfalls by recognizing the clues reflected in your Quality Measure and Five Star reports 
  • Uncover unique solutions that honor resident preference by synthesizing MDS, CAA, and care plan data into individualized interventions 
  • Earn respect in your facility by proving that you are dedicated, capable, and knowledgeable 
  • Gain confidence that will enable you to take a leadership role in resident care 

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RAC-CT Core Curriculum

The RAC-CT program consists of 10 education courses designed for long-term care professionals with at least six months of experience with the MDS/RAI process. To earn the RAC-CT credential, you must successfully complete the 10 associated final certification exams with a score of 80% or higher. There are 3 exam attempts per course. Recertification is required every two years

Below is the suggested order for the self-study courses; if you attend a workshop, the order will be slightly different.

  • MDS 3.0 Coding for OBRA and PPS, Part 1 (CEs - 2)
  • MDS 3.0 Coding for OBRA and PPS, Part 2 (CEs - 3)
  • Accurately Assessing Functional Status and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)
  • Care Area Assessments and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)
  • Care Planning and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)
  • OBRA Timing and Scheduling for the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)
  • Managing the Patient-Driven Payment Model in a SNF (CEs - 2)
  • Introduction to Medicare Part A (CEs - 2.5) 
  • Quality Measures and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2.9) 
  • The Five-Star Quality Rating System (CEs - 2)

Course Formats

AANAC provides a format that fits your learning style. Every format offers immediate access to online quizzes and the final exam, including:

  • Live Workshops - Complete the final exams online after receiving live instruction from a Master Teacher.
  • Online Courses Plus PDF - Complete the course and final exam online, and print a PDF of each course manual for future reference.
  • Printed Manual - Complete the final exam online and keep the course manual for future reference. 

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The First Step

We recommend six months of experience working with the RAI process and the MDS 3.0 to reap the full benefits of this program. If you have less than six months of experience, consider the MDS Essentials Virtual Workshop as a foundation to get you started and make sure you're prepared to succeed in the RAC-CT program. 

Need help getting support for your RAC-CT certification?

Asking for your boss's support can be challenging. Thanks to our handy  RAC-CT Certification Toolkit, getting approval for your certification from your facility has never been easier.