MDS 101: An Introduction to the RAI Process

MDS 101 is the perfect course to begin to build the confidence and skills needed for your whole team to be successful with resident assessment and the RAI process.

Timely training for all LTC disciplines

Understanding the RAI is critical in driving individual care, accurate reimbursement, and as evidence of required care when auditors examine documentation. This course will help you:

  • Learn the lingo of the RAI for LTC and a variety of terms and acronyms specific to the MDS 3.0 
  • Introduce you to the basics of assessment scheduling so you can understand the job responsibilities of the NAC
  • Improve the power of your care plans by having a firm grasp of the basics for Care Area Assessments and the importance of individualized interventions 
  • Gain understanding of the importance of documentation and how mistakes impact communication, care, or reimbursement 
  • Get a general overview of how the RAI Process informs Quality Measures

Learn the basics of MDS from the MDS experts themselves. We’ve been training long-term care professionals for more than 15 years. Why would you trust anybody else?

MDS 101 Course Curriculum

The course is worth 1.75 CEs. The course is self-paced and generally can be completed in 2-5 hours.  Core chapters include: 

  • Common Acronyms
  • History, Background, and Development of the MDS
  • Key RAI Concepts
  • Care Area Assessments (CAAs)
  • Data Collection
  • The RAI User’s Manual
  • MDS Completion and Submission
  • Quality Measures (QMs)
  • The SNF Prospective Payment System—Resource Utilization Group

Course Formats

AANAC provides a format that fits your learning style, including:

  • Online Courses Plus PDF - Complete the course and quizzes online, and print a PDF of each course for future reference.
  • Printed Manual - Use the printed manual to complete the course and have it as a valuable reference

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