Recertification is available to individuals who have already earned their RAC-CT certification for MDS 3.0. To ensure you have ample opportunity to complete the recertification requirements, AANAC will send periodic notifications when your certification expiration date is approaching. You will also be allowed a 30 day grace period to complete the requirements. Please contact AANAC at or 800.768.1880 if you have questions about your certification expiration date or recertification eligibility.

RAC-CT®Recertification Requirements

To maintain your RAC-CT certification, you must recertify every two years. The current recertification requirements include taking and passing exams for the following two courses:

  • RAC-CT 3.0 Recertification: MDS 3.0 Updates and PPS Scheduling Challenges (CEs – 1.0)   Summary
  • RAC-CT 3.0 Recertification: Common Coding Errors and Quality Measures (CEs – 1.6)   Summary


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These courses will help you:
  • Promote person-centered care and honor resident voice and choice with knowledge of how MDS 3.0 integrates with survey, resident care, finances, and publicly reported information
  • Synthesize Quality Measure data into care plans and interventions to improve resident outcomes
  • Understand how to correctly code activities of daily living (ADLs) on the MDS 3.0 and avoid common coding errors
  • Tackle the challenges of 2014 head-on by understanding the most significant changes to SNF PPS and updates to the RAI Users Manual
  • Discover solutions to PPS scheduled and unscheduled assessment challenges with case study driven learning
If you do not meet the recertification requirements within 30 days after the expiration date of your certification, you will no longer be entitled to use the RAC-CT credential. If you choose to recertify after the 30-day grace period, you will be required to take and pass the exams for the complete RAC-CT certification track: seven core and three elective RAC-CT courses.

    Find more information about RAC-CT recertification in theeducation FAQs.