Be the leader your facility needs.

Gain the skills and knowledgeyou needto be the supportyour team needs.

Take your leadership and management talents to the next level with AANAC's specialized nursing leadership certification, the Certified Nurse Executive (C-NE)program. Earning this designation validates your expertise, gives you an advantage among your peers, and helps you improve quality, communication, and resident care throughout the facility.

Meet the challenges of long-term care as they arise with strategies to:

  • Excel during surveys using tested best-practices
  • Apply a team approach to quality improvementthat honors resident preferences and leverages staff skills
  • Protect your residents with risk-management plans that adhere to current compliance standards
  • Prevent burn-out and minimize facility turnover by promoting communication and participation
  • Comply with all human resource regulations, laws, and challenges no matter the situation
  • Complement your nursing expertise with management skills to discover your true potential

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C-NE Curriculum

The C-NE program consists of 10 education courses: seven core and three elective courses. To earn the C-NE credential, you must successfully complete the ten associated final certification exams with a score of 80% or higher. In order receive the C-NE certification, an individual must be an RN. Other long-term care professionals are encouraged to complete the course work to receive a Certified Nurse Manager (C-NM) certification.

Core Courses:

  • Leadership and Management (CEs - 4)     Summary
  • Administrative Oversight of the RAI/MDS Process (CEs - 3.8)    Summary
  • Risk Management (CEs - 4)     Summary
  • Quality Improvement: Achieving Results Through QAPI (CEs - 3.75)    Summary
  • Human Resource Management for the Nurse Leader (CEs - 4)     Summary
  • Survey Readiness 24/7/365 (CEs - 3.75)    Summary
  • Survey Management and Enforcement (CEs - 4)    Summary

Customize your learning experience by choosing three of the electives below:

  • Corporate Compliance for the Skilled Nursing Facility (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • Quality Measures and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2.9)    Summary
  • The Five-Star Quality Rating System (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • The Quality Indicator Survey - Implications for Regulatory Change (CEs - 4)    Summary
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management (CEs - 2.3)    Summary
  • Accurately Assessing Pain and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2.5)    Summary
  • Accurately Assessing for Physical Restraints and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • MDS 3.0 Coding for OBRA and PPS (CEs - 5)    Summary
  • Resource Utilization Groups IV (RUG-IV) and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 3)    Summary
  • Introduction to Medicare Part A (CEs - 2.5)     Summary
  • Accurately Assessing Functional Status and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • Care Area Assessments and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • OBRA Timing and Scheduling for the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • PPS Timing and Scheduling for the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
  • Care Planning and the MDS 3.0 (CEs - 2)    Summary
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