Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Integrate direct marketing and lead generation into your marketing mix using reliable contacts from AANAC. By offering relevant and useful content, such as white papers, videos, or checklists, you'll build your sales pipeline with information from contacts ready to learn more about your products and services.

Mailing Lists

Reach a targeted audience by geography, job title,and various education credentials as part of your campaign to ensure your message gets to the right target.

  • Geographic location
  • Job title
  • Credentials
  • Professional designation
  • Highest post-graduate nursing degree

AANAC works with INFOCUS Marketing, a private list broker, for list rentals and sales of our membership list. View our data card and learn more.

Prices may vary

Lead Generation Video

Visually communicate what your product is and how it would benefit our members through a recorded 3 - 7 minute video. We’ll provide you with a report containing full name, job title, and email address for everyone who opts-in to view your video. 

$1,000 per video

Lead Generation Article/Paper

Share your recent research or a unique perspective your organization has on a current topic through a downloadable article/report. We’ll provide you with a report containing full name, job title, and email address for everyone who downloads your paper.

$1,000 per article

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