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Invest in Yourself with an AANAC Membership

AANAC was established to help long-term care professionals succeed in their roles and provide the best care possible. By providing you with superior resources, updates, and education, you’re on top of your game and ready to start your day. With an AANAC membership, you have the knowledge to succeed and the tools to get there. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to AANAConnect, the online members-only community with integrated email/online discussion groups, a member directory, and peer-shared sample resources.
  • “Today in LTC” newsfeed to quickly find current updates and information that should be immediately implemented into day-to-day practices.
  • Regular communication to help you stay updated in the form of emails, newsletters, articles, and discussion feeds from leading long-term care experts.
  • Up to 50% off professional development opportunities, helping your dreams of earning a certification or taking an education program possible, and budget friendly! Conference registration, webinars, and other special offers such as valuable discounts from industry partners, are also discounted for members.
  • Access to AANACareer, the best job board available to LTC professionals.

Individual Membership Basics

Cost: $110 USD/12 months or $220 USD/24 months

Who should be a member: DON/ADONs, MDS/RAI coordinators, consultants, reimbursement specialists, therapists, dietitians, and any other member of the interdisciplinary team.

+ Director of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing

As the team leader at your facility, AANAC strives to help you in your role and to manage your day. From survey preparedness to managing a team, a membership with AANAC makes your job a whole lot easier by providing you with the tools, resources, and updates that any member of your team needs to have to get their job done right. Additionally, our online forum has a discussion group specifically designed for you where you and your DON/ADON peers can share issues, solutions, or ask questions for experts to answer. We have also created courses that provide you with the management skills and knowledge you didn’t learn in nursing school.

Suggested courses:

+MDS Coordinator

An MDS coordinator can rely on AANAC to provide accurate and timely information needed to get the job done right. With unlimited access to our website and specifically the “Need to Know Now” section, you never miss out on changes that may have been made that could affect your day-to-day work.  You can also take advantage of the document library and the experts on the “MDS Connection” discussion group.  All of these resources are an unfailing way to stay on top of changes in the field.  And to really help you stay on top of it, we have created education that sets you apart from the others and so you can be a certified MDS expert.

 Suggested courses:

+Reimbursement Specialists

AANAC provides reimbursement specialists with the tools and updates needed to receive the reimbursement deserved. One coding change could create a string of errors that leaves your facility missing out on revenue, which could ultimately lead to a decrease in patient care. To help keep you accurate, AANAC works with independent consultants that are in constant contact with CMS. They provide us with changes and updates so we can provide you with immediate information necessary to do your job.

Suggested courses:


Consultants are expected to be experts in the long-term care field, but it can be difficult when the rules just keep changing.  AANAC has the means to support you, the expert, with the most accurate and timely information and tools to support your role as the long-term care authority with your clients. When CMS makes changes and you have to have answers immediately, AANAC will give you quick summaries of what those changes are and how they will affect the people you work with. We can help you be more efficient and keep you apprised of regulation changes as they happen.

Suggested courses:

+Interdisciplinary Team Members

The MDS 3.0 was specifically created to ask for input from all interdisciplinary team members (IDT). AANAC can show all IDT members, from dieticians to therapists to physicians, how to accurately and efficiently support the RAI process to help create workable and effective care plans for our residents. Good resident care begins with an involved and invested IDT. Let AANAC help you help your residents.

Suggested courses:

Don’t let another day go by without an AANAC membership. Click here to join the ultimate network of over 14,000 long-term care professionals.  If you have questions and wish to speak to someone directly, call our Membership Manager, Shannon Johnson, at 1-800-768-1880 ext. 310.