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Please help! I have an urgent question about inactivating an MDS for wrong entry date?

by Carol Maher, RN-BC, RAC-MT | Feb 19, 2013

Q. I have a PPS 5-day MDS that has the incorrect entry date.  I am finding conflicting information as to inactivating. I also have an incorrect entry date on the Entry Tracking Form and I understand this has to be inactivated and I’ve done that.  My question comes regarding the actual assessment, not the entry tracking form.

(1) In the errata of 4/1/2012 (v1.08) on page 50, Inactivation Request in paragraph #1 it clearly states that you inactivate the entry tracking form when the admission date is incorrect.  But in paragraph #3 is where the confusion comes in.  I understand that they are referring to the items identified in paragraph #1 as the reasons to inactive but it could be taken to mean you have to inactive the assessment.

(2) In the MDS 3.0 Manual latest version with effective items for 4/1/12, starting on 5-10 in the Modification Request section under 'exceptions' which goes on to page 5-11, at the bottom of 5-11 is the date April, 2012, in the first paragraph of 5-12 INACTIVATION REQUESTS I understand it to mean if there is an error in entry date, do a modification on the assessment but only inactivation on the entry tracking form

(3) On the SNF PPS Clarification Memo from CMS of March 29, 2012- page #8 under #8 Clarification regarding inactivation assessment, in the middle of the page it clearly lists those subset of items that may not be modified, again listing Entry Date (A1600) on an entry tracking record as one you must inactive.  No mention that you have to inactive an assessment with this error

So, here it the question, I oversee several MDS Coordinators for our company and want to ensure I understand correctly the inactivation rules.  Am I correct in saying I do not do an inactivation of the assessment, just do a modification, correcting the entry date and not needing to use the date we identified the error as it is a modification AND we do need to do an inactivation of the Entry Tracking Form to correct the entry date there (and yes these assessment and entry tracking forms have been transmitted to QIES)?

A. If the entry date on an ENTRY TRACKING record is incorrect, the ENTRY TRACKING form must be INACTIVATED.  A new entry tracking form must then be completed with the correct entry date and transmitted. IF the ENTRY DATE on any MDS ASSESSMENT is incorrect, a modification of field A1600 is allowable. An incorrect entry date on an MDS ASSESSMENT does not require inactivation. 

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