Celebrating 15 Years of LTC
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AANAC’s Resident Assessment Coordinator Certified (RAC-CT®) certification is the preeminent certification for anyone involved in the resident assessment process. Our RAC-CT program has long set the national standard for skilled nursing facility PPS and MDS education. More and more employers are requesting RAC-CT certified applicants in their job postings as it has become the mark of a professional who is skilled in the assessment process and committed to their career and residents. 

Constantly reviewed and edited by our team of experts, our certification will help you to distinguish yourself as a valuable asset to any long-term care organization. In this program, you’ll immerse yourself in clinical assessment and care planning, completion of the MDS 3.0 and the regulations that surround the RAI/MDS process. 

Top reasons to earn your RAC-CT designation

Fill the demand.  Companies are looking for RAC-CT certified individuals on a variety of job sites, including AANACareer, our online job board.

Validate your skills.  The RAC-CT designation shows current and potential employers your proficiency in MDS and SNF PPS.  No other certification like it exists anywhere.

Improve resident outcomes.   Through your mastery of the MDS process, you can start reducing ADL decline, incontinence, hospitalizations, pain and restraint use in your facility.

Stand out in a crowd.  Administrators favor candidates with professional certification because you’ve already distinguished yourself as dedicated, knowledgeable and capable.

Lead by example.  Professional development will provide you with confidence in yourself and will enable you to take a leadership role in the care of your residents.