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Medicare compliance is a vital part of your facility’s ongoing success, and AANAC’s Medicare University is designed to help you reach that goal. By complementing your nursing expertise with a thorough understanding of Medicare rules and regulations, you’ll consistently earn accurate reimbursement for the care you provide and be able to help your residents thrive. 

This in-depth program, authored by the foremost experts in Medicare, will help you to reduce the impact of reimbursement cuts, navigate audits, avoid risky practices – and stop drowning in confusing and ever-changing regulations and requirements. So get the education that traditional nursing schools didn’t provide and position yourself as an expert on and off the floor with MU.

Medicare University is offered in a variety of formats as well as a live three-day workshop (view schedule). Online courses can be taken individually or as a series; following completion of each course, you will have access to a CE completion certificate. 

Available Medicare University Courses: 

  • Medicare in a Skilled Nursing Facility - (1 CE)     Summary
  • The Prospective Payment System for Skilled Nursing Facilities - (1 CE)     Summary 
  • Part B Therapy in a Skilled Nursing Facility - (.75 CE)     Summary
  • Medical Review in a Skilled Nursing Facility - (.75 CE)     Summary 
  • Medicare Documentation in a Skilled Nursing Facility - (2.25 CEs)     Summary 
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Consolidated Billing - (1.25 CEs)     Summary 
  • The Beneficiary Notice Initiative in a Skilled Nursing Facility - (1 CE)     Summary 

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