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AANAC education courses set the standard in the long-term care industry. We've been a trusted provider of MDS information since 1999, and have grown to be the go-to source in survey management, leadership, Medicare and more. Whether you're looking to earn one of our respected certifications or just want to brush up your knowledge by taking a course or two, AANAC keeps you up to date in this ever-changing body of knowledge and makes the complexities of long-term care regulation easy to understand. 

Certification programs:

Resident Assessment Coordinator - Certified (RAC-CT®)

RAC-CT certification is the nationally recognized gold-standard in resident assessment in the long-term care nursing profession. By earning it, individuals have proven their expertise in skilled nursing facility prospective payment system and minimum data set (MDS 3.0) assessment.

To achieve certification, you must complete a series of ten courses that measure knowledge of the MDS 3.0, resident assessment and resident care practices. This includes MDS 3.0 coding, OBRA and PPS scheduling, Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs), Medicare, care area assessments and care planning. Successful completion of a final examination for each of the knowledge areas demonstrates professional competency and proficiency in accurately completing the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) according to current standards and practices as set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Find out more.

Certified Nurse Executive (C-NE)

The long-term care environment is often chaotic and stressful. Between managing staff, assessing facility risk, and maintaining “survey-ready” practices around-the-clock, nurse leaders can easily get overwhelmed. Especially when you consider that while your education prepared you well for the clinical aspects of nursing, it didn't prepare you for the challenges of leadership and management. The C-NE program was designed to strengthen the knowledge of DONs, administrators, corporate clinical directors and other nurse leaders in these areas and give them the tools to succeed in a management position. Find out more.

Education programs:

MDS 101: An Introduction to the RAI Process

MDS 101: The Minimum Data Set (MDS) and Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) process can be complicated and difficult to understand if you’re new to the conventions, definitions and acronyms that define the tools. That’s why we developed MDS 101, a vital resource that breaks down the common utilities of assessment, and packages them in easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement sections. A perfect tool to engage other team members who assist in the assessment process or for the LTC company that wants to develop stronger relationships with their clients in the field. Find out more.

Medicare University

Medicare continues to receive close scrutiny as the government looks to curb growing debt through reduced benefits, tightening facilities' belts even further. Accurate reimbursement is not only vital to your facility's health, it's vital to the health and happiness of your residents. With AANAC's Medicare University, offered in a three-day live workshop and a seven-course online series, you can learn how to make sense of Medicare's continually changing regulations and requirements. This class is ideal for clinicians and anybody involved in the billing process. This is not a certification program. Find out more.