Q&A: Therapy ended before the COT checkpoint, but the last covered day of Medicare was the day after the checkpoint and an EOT was not completed. Was the COT still needed?

Carol Maher, RN-BC, CPC, RAC-CT

Question: The resident had a 30-day assessment on Feb 2, 2017. There was an anticipated COT on February 9, 2017 but Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy had discharged the resident from therapy on the 8th of February. We did not do the COT on the 9th since the therapy had ended. Resident was given a last covered day of 2/10/17. Was the COT required on the 9th? And if it is, what would be my next step to correct it?

Answer: This would be an example of a missed COT. Since Medicare coverage continued after therapy ended without an EOT, the COT was required. All days that should have been paid by the COT must be billed as provider liable days.

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