New AANAC Members

AANAC represents more than 14,700 members from across the country, and with the growing long-term care landscape, we welcome new members to the association each day.

Take a moment to say hello!

Connect with new members by searching for them in your AANAC Member Directory. Once you have found a peer you'd like to get in touch with, send them a contact request and/or message. An introduction can go a long way - it will help them to have an instant friend and resource, and the connection will likely prove helpful to you, too.

Thanks for helping us to welcome the newest additions to your 14,700 and growing AANAC family.

Abernathy, TinaAL
Acosta, LaurieLA
Acquah, AndobahMD
Adkins, EvelynNY
Ahmedic, KataCO
Atwood, JeanineUT
Bailey, Courtney V.MS
Barax, TzviNY
Barbosa, Rico C.CA
Barker, Vicki G.KY
Barnes, LaurieIN
Bartocillo, MaribelNY
Bell, HeidiND
Berg, AnitaMI
Bidwell, ErikaPA
Billiard, ArayaGA
Boyle, Carla M.KY
Branigan, AprylPA
Braswell, Dodie A.TX
Bukovinsky, Jo Ann V.FL
Bultje, DesireeSD
Burman, AnnetteMI
Bush, Kathleen R.PA
Bybee, Julia A.UT
Cahill, Terry L.VA
Campbell, Skye B.KY
Chatman, Roineshia D.LA
Clark, SusanCO
Clottey-Gaisie, SylviaNY
Compton, NoraMI