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Awards and Scholarships

For over 15 years, AANAC has been awarding the best and brightest in long-term care with awards and scholarships to recognize their dedication and commitment to improving long-term care and the lives of residents. Do you work with someone outstanding? Recognize their great work by nominating them for one of the AANAC awards or apply for one of the AANAC scholarships yourself!

Why recognize someone deserving?

Why should you nominate yourself or someone else for an AANAC award or scholarship? In the video below, our 2016 winners tell you what that recognition meant to them and what it can mean for someone else!

2017 Awards and Scholarships

  • AANAC Awards

  • Nurse Assessment Coordinator of the Year
  • Director of Nursing of the Year
  • Nursing Home Administrator of the Year
  • Best Practice of the Year
  • Nursing Assistant of the Year Scholarship Program (Sponsored by Cerner)

  • The winner of each of these awards will receive a complimentary registration to the 2017 Annual Conference as well as a travel stipend.

AANAC Scholarships

  •  Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship (Supported by the friends and family of Cheryl M. Thomas and Cerner ) - $5,000 scholarship towards a BSN program.
  •  President's Scholarship - Complimentary registration for the online ten-course RAC-CT certification program. 
  •  Founder's Scholarship - Complimentary registration to the 2017 AANAC Annual Conference plus a travel stipend.
  •  Rena R. Shephard Scholarship - Complimentary registration for a first-time attendee to the 2017 AANAC Annual Conference plus a travel stipend.